The Symbol - A new trend in tattoos?

Our upside down triangle logo makes it’s first appearance in episode 1.  It’s a tattoo in a very unexpected place and discovered at quite an unopportune time.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, for the meaning of the tattoo and why it’s so important to our main character Heath you’ll have to keep watching.  But, the way that it appears is pretty cool, so maybe we can talk about that.

*Spoiler* Don’t keep reading if you haven’t yet watched episode 1.

Megan is the girl who “manifests” the tattoo.  It initially appears as three small dots, but upon Heaths touch becomes the triangle logo.  How could this happen. Nano particles.

Megan has been implanted with a nano particle tattoo.  However, unlike the biomarker tattoos being developed for glucose level monitoring (link above), Megan’s tattoo uses ferrous nano particles that respond to magnetism.  Whenever a magnetic source passes over the tattoo, the pigment turns dark and becomes visible.  But now we’ve gone and said too much. ;)

We’ve found a strange piece of audio captured during one of our takes in a super quiet hotel room. Any of you “ghost hunter” types care to take a stab at this?